Partner Prenatal Birth Workshop

This interactive 3 hour workshop guides couples on a path of self-discovery, providing tangible tools that empowers them to embrace their birth experience and beyond.  Gentle yoga postures, meditation, relaxation, breath work, vocal toning, and massage will be explored and practiced.  In addition, key accupressure points to aid discomfort during pregnancy, and points that can aid induction of labour will be incorporated in our discussions.

This workshop is suitable to couples in all stages of pregnancy. No previous yoga experience necessary.  This workshop is a compliment to childbirth education classes by giving the opportunity to practice breath, movement, positions and support techniques using yoga.

Carine has been practicing yoga since 1998.  She credits pranayama or yogic breath work for carrying her through two natural child births.  She is enthusiastic and confident that yoga can create a positive environment for any birthing situations may it be vaginal, caesarean, natural or aided.

Investment:  $100 per couple in group workshop, please contact me for private consultation fees

Client Feedback:  “Carine led a private class for my husband and I.  When she came into our home, she showed us how to use props around the house to aid us in the early stages of labour. Her vast knowledge of the body, postures, and breathing through partner work greatly enhanced my natural birth experience. It was through the tools that she explored with us that empowered me through my very intense labour experience.” Lisa

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