R & R Roll & Restore




December 22nd, 2017 Holiday Special R & R added and SOLD OUT! Please contact me to be on the wait list.


Comments from last sold out workshop:

“I feel like I just gave birth, there’s this tremendous release….” J

“I’ve never felt this relaxed before….” H

“the ball rolling to yin [restorative]to nidra sequence was amazing, the pace was slow and relaxed, you always seem to incorporate the perfect combination of guidance and silence…” S

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Summer Pampering Workshops


We’re excited to be active and out in this season, cycling, gardening, pure enjoyment of being out! Our body however, can easily become imbalanced with the constant outward activities showing up as tension, body aches, even anxiety and pain.

Pause… using massage therapy balls in accupressure points and meridian lines, we will roll our way to soothe and release the entire body and rest our nervous system in restorative postures.

Expect to tone your core softly in the first half of the workshop and be completely relaxed by the end of our time together. Optional reiki added to enhance relaxation.

July 21st Friday 5:00pm-7:00pm SOLD OUT


Summer 2017

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