“Carine’s yoga classes are medicine for both my body and my soul. Her classes have made navigating our current global pandemic so much easier, keeping me grounded and consistently providing moments of deep self care infused with her every day wisdom. I am so excited she is offering stocking stuffers so I can gift the many people I love with these gems – like a mini oasis in the midst of chaos. I can’t think of a better gift for the family, friends, teachers, co-workers and clients I care about.” ~ Jessie Sutherland, Director of Intercultural Strategies

“I’ve been practicing daily with the Women’s Circle recordings and its been helping me regain my strength. Still recovering but much better! Thank you!” Natasha

R & R Home Retreat’s Sweet Shoulders, it was sweet indeed. Exactly what the doctor ordered. Literally. And the physio too. Amazing relief. Thank you once again once more and many times to come I’m sure!” J.M

“He told me that the yoga session with you was the first time he had experienced such peace in the past 7-8 months which is amazing!” 2022

 “Carine’s classes and coaching are key to my wellness and ability to navigate our new world with more ease” J.S

“My adult son was so excited about your “GCFM” Wednesday classes that has helped him go through his core issues. He spent a decade on meds, physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists with no significant result. Thank you for your creative approach and enthusiasm during the yoga sessions.” Vlad

“Carine teaches a Ball rolling Yoga class at RAC. I have bursitis in my hip and rolling on the ball has greatly alleviated the pain. For me the Ball rolling class achieves the same results as going to a physiotherapist. Carine is a wonderful caring gentle person and an inspiration to her students. Thanks Carine.” Mardi

“I have had the pleasure to know Carine through yoga both personally and professionally. I came to know Carine through my work as a teacher with at-risk youth in Richmond. The students that I work with come from very diverse backgrounds and many of them struggle with a variety of learning and emotional challenges. They range in age from 13-18. Many of the youth are often scared and unwilling to expose themselves or show weakness. Carine provided a very safe and welcoming environment for the students that allowed them to be vulnerable and open to the practice of Yoga. In the beginning, students were working through basic postures and by the end, we were attempting head stands and meditation. When we would do reflections on our experience they would all describe the sessions with Carine in a very positive and engaged manner.  Carine also opened up her yoga knowledge to me as a pre-natal instructor. She led a private class for my husband and I. Carine has a gentle and kind energy that she brings into all spaces that she visits. When she came into our home, she showed us how to use props around the house to aid us in the early stages of labour. Her vast knowledge of the body, postures, and breathing through partner work greatly enhanced my natural birth experience. It was through the tools that she explored with us that empowered me through my very intense labour experience.”  Lisa T

“Carine’s yin yoga class is the yoga that I have been trying to find for years. Carine is such a good teacher that I’ve finally been able to grasp the basics and make that elusive mind body connection that I’ve been stumbling through since the 70’s. At the end of every class, during our last pose, Carine wafts lavender over us. One night, during this time, she took extra time over me, and I felt the last claws of my 3 days migraine lifted out of my skull and jaw. When I asked her about it, she explained she had cleared my energy. I felt that she waved my negative energy away. It was true magic.”  Judyann

“I love your class, it is always challenging.  I feel great and I love your teachings.”  Bianca

“I fear I shall be carrying you awhile, You have set many standards for me. I am most appreciative for your practice. I have had a dozen teachers in starting this journey and You had the most emphasis on the existential, Vedic elements of all of this. It’s profundity reverberates, I am most grateful. If I ever return to this beautiful province I shall be sure to seek your classes.” George

“You’re my third yoga teacher and I feel really comfortable and challenged at my own pace.  Great class!!”  Leigh

“Thank you for your time and energy in helping to inspire the G.O. Day Girls.”  Vancouver Coastal Health, Richmond School District, City of Richmond

“I came to your class with lots of chronic ailments.  You took care and time to take care of me in a large class and I felt so wonderful throughout.  You put me in a pose where I felt safe and my body just let go, it was magical.  Thank you sincerely from my heart.”  age 73 female

“I love your class a lot!!!”  age 6 boy

“I really like Carine and the yoga we do so I will be here next time!”  Emily age 11

“Carine has beautiful energy!  My daughter Grace loves coming to Carine’s classes…if we have to miss a class for whatever reason, Grace needs to know why we’re not going to yoga today.”  L. Gates

“I love yoga because I feel peaceful.”  Kerri age 9

8 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Carine customized a 75 minute yoga practice that was perfectly suited for me, taking
    into account minor sports injuries and alignment issues that seem to go with aging.
    I really appreciate Carine’s holistic approach to yoga.

  2. Every week I look forward to my gentle hatha class taught by Carine! The atmosphere she creates for her students is so welcoming for all~from beginners to the experienced. She adapts all the poses so everyone can reach their personal comfort zone. We all look forward to listening to her welcome as she often starts with a personal story which connects to yoga or a quote that we can all keep with us to inspire. Her soft, calming voice sets the tone for the class. I recommend everyone to try one of Carine’s classes~you will LOVE it! Louise Mazzone

  3. I have been in Carine’s yin yoga class nearly every week for the past year. In every class I learn something more about myself through Carine’s gentle guidance.
    She is a wonderful teacher and I’m so glad to have found her.

  4. We enjoyed wonderful mother/daughter class–thank you! My mom is bravely battling anxiety and described how during our session she “saw panic, but was able to not feel it”. What a gift! Thank you again for guiding us through such a meaningful experience.

  5. Hello Carine,
    I just wanted to thank you again for thursday’s class. Your magic touch on my neck and shoulders felt like it realigned my entire spine. You are the great mother of healing.

  6. I took first Carine class about year ago and was impressed with Carine’s high professionalism ( no offence to other yoga teachers). Since than Im trying to attend her classes as much as possible. I was taking yoga classes for number of years with all kind of instructors and usually found yoga classes boring and challenging. Carine’s personal touch to every session makes practicing yoga fun. Her share of universal wisdom, dedication to yoga practice and great sense of humor help to overcome physical challenges and concentrate on positive effects on body and mind.

  7. Recently I took Carine’s
    R&R Workshop. It was interesting experience with mix yin [restorative], meditation and using rolling balls on pressure points.Two and a half hours passed like a half an hour that tells the practice session reached its goals.

  8. I have been practicing yoga with Carine for nearly seven years and look forward to many more years to come. Carine deeply respects each persons journey and provides beautiful opportunities for self care or challenge. I feel stronger in mind and body after her classes and she is a most welcome balm to counter all the busyness of modern life. Many thanks for all your offerings Carine!

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