Reiki Pottery Gallery

Welcome to Reiki Pottery! I love to play with clay. It’s all about the process and alchemy of the combination of earth, water, fire, air, and space in my designs. Each creation is infused with reiki energy and has a special carved message in the bottom. Each one perfectly Imperfect.

Compassion & kindness Bowl set

Descriptions: Assymetrical hand thrown,carved, modeled bowl representing turtle shell and symbolizes longevity. It inspires the infinite power of compassion and kindness. Other bowl is symetrical but bottom is slightly uneven to slope the glaze into radiance. This pair infused with reiki energy and engraved in bottom with message of Compassion & Kindness

Colour: Black, Gold, White

Dimensions: Bowl A Diameter 14 cm, Height 8.5 cm; Bowl B Diameter 15 cm, Height 9.5 cm

Adoption Fee: $50 $38/set of two bowls

Fun bowl

Descriptions: Whimsically lopsided and engraved with Fun in the bottom of bowl. Inspired by spontaneity and rolling in the prairie grass while getting extraordinarily muddy, pure golden experience.

Colour: Deep Green, Black, Gold

Dimensions: Diameter 15 cm, Height 12 cm

Adoption Fee: $23

Water & Wind bowl set

Descriptions: Windy lopsided bowl with water element flow bowlwheel thrown and hand carved into functional light unique pieces representing the power of these natural elements to erode, create, and renew. Hand carved Japanese and Chinese characters of wind and water in bottom of bowls. To inspire a meditative taste in every sip of your favorite beverages.

Colour: Cream White, Rose, Light Grey

Dimensions: Bowl A Diameter 9.5 cm, Height 8 cm; Bowl B Diameter 12.5 cm, Height 8 cm

Adoption Fee: $55/set of two bowls Adopted


Descriptions: Wheel thrown bowl with throw lines to emphasize this hand built care creation. Bottom signed Care.

Colour: Ocean Blue, Cave Black Brown

Dimensions: Diameter 16.5 cm, Height 10 cm

Adoption Fee: $23


Circa 2001, my take on Anubis the Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife. Anubis is also the patron god of lost souls and the helpless. I’ve added a key of life on its back to represent the wheel of life and death, the yin & yang of our limited understanding. This statue is full of power represented by its high cheeks and holds the golden key of life.

Descriptions: Hand built, acrylic paint circa 2001, France

Colour: Black, White, Gold

Dimensions: Height 38 cm, Length 26 cm, width 17 cm

I don’t believe we “own” anything, everything comes and goes in its own time. If you would like to “adopt” any of the Reiki Pottery Vessels please contact me.