Life Glue: Tripod Balance

Have you ever seen these amazing rock structures that stone balance artists create by the beach, or river?  Beautiful and unbelievable as you gaze at a huge boulder being supported by a mere pebble?  Michael Grab of Gravity Glue explains that he finds the “tripod” of each rock in order to find the balance.  Tripod or triangle….my response is Life Glue!  We balance our life by equally spreading our prana or vital energy between point A:  Work;  point B:  Play;  point C:  Rest.  Perhaps you have a different way of distribution, or you can fill in the points with your choices.  On the mat, it’s Action-sthira, Relaxation-sukham. and Breath-Prana.  How often does your triangle look more like a trapezoid?    Yoga can help us find that balance, the true centre that reveals what your life is all about.
I’m honoured to be leading yoga at SAUC on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon during their Lenten 40 Day Journey.  (Check out the poster below and join in to discover YOU!)
All are welcome, not just for trinity believers.

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