Full Moon News! Areola and all!


The hospital Wifi password is “celebrate” for February.

I celebrated my Valentine’s day in surgery.

Today, February 19, 2019. I celebrate the removal of my drainage tube that was stuck to my ribcage and dangled by my side for the past few days. Fingers crossed that everything continues to heal up without any hiccups.

I celebrate seeing my body without the bandage dressing.

I celebrate the surprise of having more body parts attached than was expected… hello areola?!

I celebrate my little one getting over a nasty stomach flu that lasted a week before and during my surgery.

I celebrate my husband’s slow recovery from the same stomach flu just after V day.

I celebrate my friends that stepped up to bring us food, take me to appointments, chats, tolerated my bitmojis.



I celebrate my kiddos, my family, my friends.

I celebrate my full areola moon.

I celebrate me.

I celebrate you.

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