Winter/Spring Registration

Richmond Arts Centre: Adult Hatha

Jan 12-Mar 9 Mon 12:00-1:00pm $63.20/8 sess 791408

Jan 14-Mar 11 Wed 12:00-1:00pm $63.20/8 sess 791409

Apr 6-Jun 15 Mon 12:00-1:00pm $79.00/10 sess 791458

Apr 6-Jun 15 Wed 12:00-1:00pm $79.00/10 sess 791459

Richmond Arts Centre: Adult Core Yoga
With the primary focus on strengthening the core, this activity
also increases flexibility and works to achieve a mind/body

Jan 12-Mar 9 Mon 10:45-11:45am $63.20/8 sess 791608

Apr 6-Jun 15 Mon 10:45-11:45am $79.00/10 sess 791658

Thompson Community Centre: 6-8yrs Kids Yoga

Jan 5-Mar 9 Mon 3:30-4:30pm $68.30/9 sess 770108
Apr 13-Jun 29 Mon 3:30-4:30pm $83.50/11 sess 770158

Thompson Community Centre: 9-12yrs Kids Yoga

Jan 5-Mar 9 Mon 4:35-5:35pm $68.30/9 sess 770109
Apr 13-Jun 29 Mon 4:35-5:35pm $83.50/11 sess 770159

Thompson Community Centre: Mother and Daughter Yoga
Spend some quality time together while learning basic yoga
moves and poses. Designed for girls 6-12 years.

Jan 5-Mar 9 Mon 5:40-6:40pm $68.30/9 sess 770058
Apr 13-Jun 29 Mon 5:40-6:40pm $83.50/11 sess 770208

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