Our “Whip it” walk not in the park

We went on our “family retreat” walk along the dyke yesterday and found a big carton box of green “Whip It” cartridges dumped at the mouth of the pipes! Thankfully it was low tide so that we were able to pick them all up one by one (hundreds of them). This is normally where ducks swim when the tide is high. We didn’t have gloves and were eager to go home to wash our hands.

I was angry and frustrated with the “Whip it” litter criminal. I was mad for the river, for the earth, for the ducks! Then a friend informed me that they are often used by addicts, another friend had called the police as they had also seen the mess.

I began to see the innocence of the “Whip it” dumper. What drove him/her/them to get a cheap high? Don’t they know that their actions affect all of us? How can we help each other? How are they suffering? How will I ever understand? I tried and know that I will never know, but this inner exploration has a profound lesson. It taught me to let go of anger, let in compassion, to see without understanding. I believe this is where we can have a chance to “Whip” each other back to our wholeness, the round of our earth depends on it.

I crafted a 30 minutes practice to support your personal retreat, the first 15 minutes are core stabilizing movements, and the last 15 mins are meant to ground your energy in restorative poses. You are welcome to extend the times of either, with more repetitions in the first half, or longer holds in the last half. Please make it your own. Oh turn up the volume!

May we keep each other accountable and know that what we do personally affects us all. Please take care in your self retreat 


4 thoughts on “Our “Whip it” walk not in the park”

  1. Thank you Carine. Just finished this practice and it was just what I need this evening. Your soothing, calm voice is a bonus. I appreciate the time you took to make this for us. 🙏💖

  2. Hi Carine,

    Thanks very much for the kind words and video. It is very kind of you to be thinking of your fellow “isolationists.” Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Take care, Debbie

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