Laundry News

Self Isolation? Self Retreat!

Perspective is everything. I hope you’re taking our national quarantine seriously, stay home and take this time to slow down. It’s also a great time to do some laundry, spring clean inside the home and inside the mind to remember your inner soul.

I have washed all the studio’s blankets, bolsters, eye pillows etc….and I’m hopeful that we will practice together soon. My time line to start again will be dependent on the most current government updates. I would like to see the flattening of the curve of this exponential virus before we meet again.

I plan to brew up some free virtual classes for you to support your home retreat. If you are supposed to come back in the end of March, we’ll just delay the classes. I’ll keep you posted!

How about this 15 minutes practice if your nerves are getting the better of you?

  1. Legs up the wall, knees can be bent with bolster or cushions behind legs, focus on 4 count inhales and 5 count exhales. (5 mins)
  2. Forward fold, can bend knees and use cushions behind knees, breathe into belly, side of ribs, and back. (5 mins)
  3. Supported child’s pose, if head below heart feels wrong, prop yourself higher with cushions. (5 mins)
  4. How about a good laugh?

LOL Stay Away and Stay Healthy

Namaste, Carine

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