2 Years Post Surgery & My O Fascia

This picture was taken 14 days post unilateral mastectomy in 2019, my range of motion is still about the same, but the tightness decreased as I continue to move and rehydrate my connective tissues.

These connective tissues or fascia can take months or years to heal. It’s more than a myofascial massage or mindful movements that will lead to healing. Toning the vagus nerves is detrimental to recovery.

The vagus or the 10th cranial nerves are the main nerves of the parasympathetic nervous system originating at the brainstem in the medulla oblongata. It travels down the sides of your neck, across the chest, and down through the abdomen. Some methods to tone or exercise these nerves are breath techniques to enhance heart rate variability, ball rolling techniques, gut health, laughter, and jaw/neck tension release.

Fascia, some have coined it the sixth sense. Our proprioception (awareness of body and movement in space) and interoception (sense of our internal state of our body and emotions) depend on its health and well being. It is my complete sensory organ that I call my super power. It guides us in aging gracefully and vitally. Sign me up for more superpower training!

I’ve moved the Sunday GCF Movement class to Thursday to facilitate more rest time. A more Yin/Yang Harmonized week. Monday to rest, Tuesday Yin or Restore, Wednesday rest day, Thursday GCF Movement, TGIF, Saturday Hatha, and Sunday for meandering in nature!
“The steadfastness we develop in meditation is a willingness to stay. It may seem silly, but meditation actually isn’t too unlike training a dog! We learn to stay.”
Pema Chödron

One thought on “2 Years Post Surgery & My O Fascia”

  1. Thanks for your update Sandra! How exciting to have a new space that’s easier to take care of 🙂

    Yes, let’s get vaccinated and continue to enjoy and appreciate life and each other!


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